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Dunn Investigations is a fully insured professional agency which is licensed in North Carolina by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board.

As the owner of Dunn Investigations, Mr. Dunn has over 35 years of experience in Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement, and in the Private Security/Investigation fields.

As a company, the goal of Dunn Investigations is to provide you with painstaking investigations, meticulous documentation, and proficient reporting while maintaining the highest standards possible of ethical, confidential, professional investigative, and surveillance services in the industry.

NCAPI Member

The North Carolina Association of Private Investigators, Inc. was chartered in 1987 and is the oldest association of Private Investigators in the State.

Finding the Right PI

Finding the correct private investigator to fit your needs. 10 things to look for.

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Special Services Offered

Forensics-focused geo-physical investigations using ground penetrating radar, metal detectors and other similar devices to locate buried evidence, such as weapons, caches of drugs or money, clandestine graves, hidden bunkers, or soil disturbances.

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